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  • Believes that the elements of happy and successful education are laid on the foundations of Love, Care and Learning.
  • Is a preschool where young minds blossom to their natural abilities.
  • Is a cheerful bright zone with caring teachers, classrooms filled with colorful playthings.
  • Teachers are qualified, compassionate and loving.
  • Emphasizes on emotional and social development in children.

At Periwinkle

  • "Periwinkles", as we call our children, are from diverse family backgrounds, provide a wealth of interests and abilities.
  • We want our children to love school and the learning they do here.
  • Every staff member helps us provide an inspiring and joyful environment.
  • The curriculum is unique to enhance all round development of a child.
  • Everyday routine of each classroom focuses on comprehensive development which includes social, emotional, cognitive, physical , moral and spiritual development in a child.

We have


  • Outdoor play area of 2500 sq. ft.
  • Separate class room for each level with age appropriate learning tools.
  • Kitchen - Special care on nutrition and eating habits.
  • Book & toy library.
  • Exclusive water and sand play area.
  • Separate cots and beds for daycare children.

Personalized care

  • Adult-child ratio of 1:6 for pre-school and 1:4 for Daycare.
  • Child-sensitive environment.
  • Parent counseling for better child care.
  • Compassionate & loving staff.
  • Medical Check -ups

Safety Measures

  • Security staff.
  • Picking-up the child from school only by persons authorized by parents.
  • Medical assistance – on call for emergencies.

Online Collaboration and Communication with Parents

  • Online tool to connect to parents "anytime" & "every time"
  • SMS and E-mail integration with personalized dash board for each parent


  • Pick-up & Drop from residence to school
  • A female attendant accompanying the children in the vehicle

Child Development Activities

  • Concepts through stories & picture books.
  • Fine motor development.
  • Puppet shows & role plays.
  • Festivals & celebrations.
  • Curriculum : blend of Play-way, 3 “R” method & Montessori method.
  • Field trips.
  • Innovative learning with heritage toys.
  • Art & craft Activities – Origami, Play dough, puzzles, scissoring & sticking.
  • Sports & cultural activities.
  • Music and movement

At Periwinkle, We provide

Clean, hygienic and child-sensitive environment

  • "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"- we follow this age old adage in spirit and practice.
  • Children come into contact with many other children and adults at preschool and daycare.
  • Periwinkle’s topmost priority is to keep the preschool premises clean, so as to protect the children from undue illness.
  • Healthy habits Training by Periwinkle management to all the staff and the kids helps us maintain our place clean and hygienic.

A sprawling outdoor play area

  • Children love to run around and explore their environment.
  • They are naturally drawn to active outdoors.
  • It develops gross motor skills and enhances their enjoyment.
  • It is very much essential for children to use their whole body for their overall development.
  • Thus Periwinkle provides an ample outdoors to children to run and jump with joy.

Unique curriculum to enhance the development of motor and cognitive skills

  • Periwinkle’s curriculum aims at holistic development in children.
  • Nurturing the spiritual, moral, cognizant, physical, social and emotional development on day to day basis is the core.
  • The blend of Montessori Method of learning, Play-way technique (activity based) and 3”R” method (read, recite, recall) helps provide comprehensive development in a child.

Ergonomically and colorfully illustrated classrooms

  • Colorful walls, attractive pictures, story boards and toys attract a child to the classroom.
  • Teachers sing to them, play with them and invite the children to the class in a joyful method.
  • Periwinkle’s cheerful bright zone with caring teachers, classrooms filled with colorful playthings puts in positive energy and a happy mood in our children.

Special care on nutrition and eating habits

  • A good nutrition is vital to a child’s physical and psychological health.
  • Children who are introduced to healthy nutritious food are more likely to continue the same eating habits as adults.
  • A special care is always necessary and is paved at Periwinkle at the early years of childhood.

Fun learning with exclusive water and sand play area

  • Nothing explains the joy of childhood other than puddling hands with mud.
  • A dedicated Sand play area for the children and a free time for them to play in sand is a must on weekly basis at Periwinkle.
  • Splashing and dipping in water is also embedded in their regular activity list. Children cheer, jump and dazzle at Periwinkle’s water play time.

Parent counseling for better child care

  • The single goal of parenting is to teach kids to be self –sufficient and confident.
  • Due to some or the other problems arising in day to day life, parents need someone to talk to for guidance and support.
  • Most of the times a smile and good discussion about the child’s behavior, eases out lot of tensions of a parent.
  • Periwinkle’s Co-originators and teachers are always there to help the parents to know their children better and assist them with better child-care.

Safe, secure and comfortable ambience for a child

  • Every child at Periwinkle is always under the supervision of adults.
  • Student Pick-up cards are issued to each and every child at the time admission.
  • A strict sign–in and sign-out records are maintained for the pick-up and drop of children by parents and guardians.
  • In addition, Periwinkle Preschools are finely monitored under the surveillance of CCTV camera and security staff.

Health monitoring and Medical Check ups

  • Yearly health check–ups are conducted under the super vision of pediatricians and child counselors to have a watch of appropriate physical and mental health of children.
  • Periwinkle has tie-ups with nearby doctors to have medical assistance in case of emergencies.

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Cell- +91 99000 23570, 99000 23571
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